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"Let us Doctor your Wedding Dance!"

What types of wedding dance options do you offer?

Hello Brides & Grooms,

Congratulations and welcome to the Doctor's Office. We are here to make your First Dance Fears go away.

In preparation for the dancing portion of a wedding reception there are the 3 traditional dances that most families prepare for: Bride & Groom, Father/daughter, Mother/son.

* First off the Bride and Groom. Traditionally the first endeavor of the newlyweds at their wedding reception is to demonstrate their "First Dance", a symbol of their unity and ability to learn together. This is of course the most popular dance number of the ceremony and depending on the desires of the couple we can either get you moving simply and smoothly around the dance floor or you can challenge yourselves with spins, dips and a crazy 'surprize dance' to kick off your celebration.

* Also common is the Father's 'send off' dance with his daughter bride. This is 2nd most popular wedding ceremony dance that we teach here and again our clients have ranged from: "Just get me on the dance floor" to "You know they're gunna remember this!" At any level we can take care of you.

* And of course don't forget Mother & groom. Usually a simple sashe` step to whisk mom around the floor.

* Though not as common yet still on our resume` is the increasingly popular and thrilling group wedding party, family or friends formation dance. We have on occasion taken a full family or wedding party group and within a few fun sessions created a unique performance to your special song.

Whatever level of dance step madness you wish to undertake the Dance Doctor MD can help make sure you look your best when the music starts.

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How long does it take to learn our Wedding dance?

Learning to dance is a skill and as with any skill the time it takes for someone to feel comfortable and confident with it will vary depending on the individual, the level of skill desired, the amount of practice given, etc.

Though we also teach high level competitive and performance dancers here at MD Studioz, we have also developed and mastered a method of teaching the "quick fix". The "quick fix" is a term we use for the couple who is a) the brand new, novice dancer(s) and b) only wants to learn to dance for their wedding day.

We don't believe that you need to study for months and years in order to pull off a Proper, Fun and Appropriate dance for your wedding. With many years of experience in teaching wedding couples our "quick fix" method is very successful with preparing a brand new novice dance couple for the dance floor in just 5 - 10 lessons.

We suggest giving yourselves a minimum of 5 weeks (preferably 10 if possible) to prepare yourselves to be comfortable and confident on the dance floor on the big day.

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What dance will we learn?

Short answer: The style, tempo and time of your song will determine which dance we will teach you.

We have a saying that "the music came first". That means that the music we listen to is what should inspire us to dance. Partner dancing is achieved by combining a set of step patterns and movements along with musical rhythms to create the end result, "The Dance". Therefore it's your specific song that will ultimately determine which dance we choose to teach you.

There are over 40 different dances in our repertory from the classic smooth Waltz and Fox Trot to the romantic dances of Love the Rumba and Bolero. We've even been commissioned to choreograph the exotic Tango on many occasions but none of these are as popular as our very own trademark dance that we call The Club Social.
The Club Social was developed right here by owner Michael Dean and is for many reasons the most popular selection in our studio for the wedding dance, primarily because of its ease in learning and its versatility and ability to fit a large variety of Romantic slow tempo songs such as:

"I do it for You" - Bryan Adams, "Unchained Melody" - The Richous Brothers & "Why don't You and I" - Santana feat. Chad Kroeger and many more...

Rest assured that there is a dance for every song so choose your song by what it means to the two of you and let us pick the perfect dance to teach you.

We also offer special music editing services. If you need to have your music professionally cut to a specific length or spliced with another song we can provide that service to you for a competitive rate.

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How easy is it to learn to dance?

Our approach to teaching dance is simple because we use a common sense approach that the thinking Mind trains the doing Body.

The only way that we as people learn a physical skill is by repeating the actions over and over until it becomes habit, which of course can be a challenge unless we have the right knowledge and mind-set.

Having found much success by using conceptualization as a teaching fundamental, MD says this: "A direct instruction is generally just followed, but an idea or a concept can be Refined, Matured & Developed."

If students first understand the concept, they can then rehears on their own, catch their own mistakes and enjoy quality practice.

Our mind/body method of instruction has been successfully applied over and over and we are confident that if you follow our methods of learning that this will be a Fun, Enlightening and yes Easy experience for you, and can even be applied to many other areas of your life.

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Testimonials from some of those who have learned from
The Dance Doctor MD:

Hi Michael,

We had fun doing the dance and I can't wait to see our video.

Our goal was to have something that kept our guests attention and that they would actually watch and enjoy...

From the pictures you can tell that they did.

Thank you,
Rae & Nick 4/21/2012

Hi Michael,

Thank you again for helping to make our
Perfect wedding dreams come true!!

Thank you,
Amanda and Craig 3/24/2012

"Taking dance lessons with Michael was the best decision we made in preparation for our wedding.

Our First Dance was an absolute success and everyone was blown away.
Michael is an excellent instructor, very positive, encouraging, with a great sense of humor. We liked his lessons so much, we are coming back to take Salsa and other ballroom classes with him as soon as we return from our honeymoon!

Thank you Michael,

--Anya & Brian 7/29/2011

"We absolutely LOVED our time with Michael! He was exceptionally easy and fun to work with. From the moment you meet him it feels like you've known him forever, which makes it so much better when you don't know what you're doing! We loved our first dance to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," and received so many compliments from our friends and family. We highly recommend him for your special day!!"
Thanks so much Michael :)
it really was a great experience working with you!!

--Traci and Aaron Shoemaker 5/28/11

"MD, We just got back from the honeymoon last week. We had a great time. The dance at the wedding was a HUGE success. People were telling us that they had never seen anyone dance that amazing at a wedding before. One of my groomsmen said that the dance was the talk of the wedding. So THANK YOU so much for helping us with it."

-- Luis & Kendra Beaumier 11/15/03

"Michael, We're so happy you shared our special day with us.....more

-- Scott & Crystal Hepler 1/24/04

"Michael, Just wanted to thank you again for getting Keith and I "trained" for our big dance.....more

-- Kieth & Kristen Drummond 9/18/04

"Michael, As you can see from the pictures.....more

"Hi Michael,

Matt and Rebecca's wedding weekend was fantastic! It was so beautiful and so much fun. Neil and I (mom and dad) danced all night and we looked great! You would have been so proud. Being able to dance added so much to the enjoyment of the evening. Matt and Rebecca's first dance was just terrific and the father / daughter dance was so perfect. Thanks again for great dance instruction and lots of fun learning".

--Warm regards, Ann - 7/7/07


I wanted to send you some pictures from our wedding day......more

Love, Ed and Andrea St. Onge - 1/26/08

Hi Michael,
Everything went wonderful - it truely was a magical night!

Hugs, Carol Ann - 4/19/08

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