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Private Lessons

Private lessons consist of one instructor working with a single student or one couple and the dances to be studied are selected by the student.

Because the instructor is working one-on-one with the student, the material is administered more efficiently, good habits are instilled early, and mistakes are caught and corrected quickly

Social dancers, wedding couples and DanceSport enthusiasts who have the desire to learn the secrets of partnership, rhythm and floor craft, generally select private lessons as their main form of dance training.

Some dancers combine group classes and private lessons for a well-rounded and economical dance program.

* Private lessons are scheduled daily by appointment and can be scheduled as "standing appointments". If you are taking a minimum of one (1) lesson every week you can keep the same time and day slot as your own standing slot and we will not schedule private or semi-private lessons in that slot until you relinquish it.

* Standing appointments are only offered on the "pre-paid" lesson plan.

Dances Studied: Chosen by the student. Select from styles taught.

Prerequisites: None. Private lessons are tailored to the student's current abilities, from beginner to competitor.

Studio Policies / Cancellation Policies:

Cost: tuition rates.

Semi-Private classes.

Return to the calendar to see course offerings for classes.

For more information, or to register for private or group classes, drop an email to MD@TheDanceDoctorMD.com, or you can call (407) 999-7808.