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Bronze and above -

  • The Bronze and above classes are dedicated to the dancers whom are interested in developing their skills to the higher levels. New dances and dance techniques are introduced in these classes...
  • Bronze graduates are known as "Advanced social dancers". They are comfortable and show confidence on the dance floor. They possess knowledge of a large variety of dances, patterns & rhythms. They have begun to study and initiate good technical skills. Bronze dancers are now allowed to get a bit "cocky". They are competent to lead "and" follow any partner and capable of handling most any social dance situation. The fire has just been lit. Now the real dancing begins...Silver and above.
  • Bronze I - "Preliminary figures." Key focus: Basic Style, Dance hold & Footwork.
  • Bronze II - "Intermediate figures." Key focus: The characteristic Movement, Balance & Control of each dance studied.
  • Bronze III - "Senior figures." Key focus: Partnering skills & Rhythm variations for each dance.
  • Bronze IV - "Final figures." Key focus: Full technique, Advanced styling, Advanced partnering.
  • Silver graduates are known as "Distinguished dancers." They are regarded as the highest level social dancers. They maintain a competition / exhibition level of skill and are often seen on the stage proving it. They possess excellent partnering & musical interpretation skills and have a full understanding of the "Feel" of dance. If seen up close you can almost see the fire burning in their dance shoes. Silver graduates are well on their way to mastering the art of Movement, Balance & Control.
  • Gold graduates are known as "Silver Dancers on Steroids." They have made Ballroom Dancing a lifetime hobbie. Most Gold level dancers are both competition and exhibition trained and are frequently seen spinning past the silver dancers. They have complete knowledge of most Ballroom dances along with full technical skills in each. Their dance moves have been known to produce hurricane force winds. Beware of the Gold Dancers!
  • Dances Studied: All Major and Minor dances are studied. Each individual class will study a particular dance or technique.
  • Prerequisites for Silver: Bronze level accomplishments or approval from instructor.
  • Prerequisites for Gold: Steriods - or approval from instructor.

  • Check the calendar to see course offerings.

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