Dual Certified Professional.
Member since 2000


Specialized Training in the Arts

-- Spanning the past 25 years MD has trained in, taught, performed and competed in all of the dance divisions recognized by the Ballroom Dance industry.

He has also spent a good deal of time studying, teaching and/or performing in other popular forms of partner dance such as Salsa, West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango, Lindy Hop & Country Western dancing, Lambada; as well as the Performing Arts: Jazz, Ballet & Tap.

Rounding off his understanding of the mechanics of the body and the art of movement and balance, MD also has years of study in the Martial Arts, Aerial Arts and Yoga.

Aerial Arts:

Tissue/Silks, Duo Tissue - Orlando, FL - 2007/08

----------------Aerial Arts "Duo-Tissue" - 2008

Performing Arts:

Jazz, Ballet: The Dance Spot - Reno, Nv

Jazz, Ballet: The Conservatory of Movement - Reno, Nv

MD in first Jazz dance ensemble - Reno Nevada 1988

Martial Arts:

Chito Rue Karate: Central Florida Championship Karate -
coached by Shihan Frank Silverman

Beikoku shin soo do (Arm-bar kumite`): CFCK

Bo staff weapons: CFCK

GoJu Rue Karate: National Karate Academy -
coached by 3 time US Champion Alberto Pena

Chito-Rue karate 1995-------------


Bikram: The Yoga Center

Vinyasa & Ashtonga (series I & II): Karyn Stillwell

Ashtonga (power yoga): Full Circle Yoga - Lewis Rothlein